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Every purchase generates a donation to the main kid's hospital in Ukraine

Women’s handmade footwear, unique designs, top quality!



“Shoes are really well made...beautiful designs...and reasonably priced.Will definitely be buying another pair!” - Penny Chadgidakis



“My new white trainers are fantastic.I walked over 25,000 steps in London on Saturday and could easily have walked more.” - Michelle Robson



“The design is really stylish and they are incredibly comfortable... I don’t think I’ve ever bought such all round good quality footwear!” - Anne Rogers



“They are lovely, soft and comfortable and, most importantly, DIFFERENT!!!Superfast delivery too” - Sarah Ledbury

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Handmade in Ukraine

Our footwear is handmade to the highest quality by craftspeople in Ukraine.

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We Donate with Every Sale

We donate 25% of net profit or 1% of net sales (whichever is the higher) to Ohmatdyt Children’s Hospital in Ukraine.

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Free UK Shipping

Free UK Shipping with orders over £130. Delivery in 1-4 days. Express shipping available.

Handmade by Brave People for Bright People

The aim of Be Bright Be Brave is to share with the wonderful British people the incredible design and quality of handmade Ukrainian footwear.

In addition to introducing bright British people to the high quality of Ukrainian products, we want to support our economy and community. All of our footwear is designed and handmade in Ukraine by skilled craftspeople. We also donate 25% of net profit or 1% of net sales (whichever is the higher) to Okhmatdyt, the main children’s hospital located in Kyiv.

You can imagine that importing shoes from Ukraine is not easy at the moment! But those challenges are nothing compared to the bravery of our suppliers and partners who kept working in Kyiv - organizing the supply chain process, securing raw materials and manufacturing shoes, all this despite air-raids and power cuts (even handmade shoes require some machinery).

We hope you’ll love our shoes!

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How Our Shoes Are Made

Our shoes are handmade by Hameleon, the Ukrainian shoe brand synonymous with bright and stylish footwear. With a team of experienced shoemakers who bring almost a decade of excellence and passion to their craft, Hameleon creates unique, handmade shoes that stand out.

Each pair is meticulously crafted using top-quality materials sourced from Ukraine and from Italy.

Hameleon shoes are not just a fashion statement; they are a declaration of bravery, encouraging individuals to embrace their uniqueness and shine brightly.
By choosing Hameleon, you choose to be different, to be yourself, and ultimately, to be happy.

Dare to be brave, dare to be bright with Hameleon shoes!

For more information, take a look at How Our Shoes Are Made.